Cell 7

Nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2018

Spellbinding Book of the Year 2017

Winner of HWS Book of the Year 2017

Winner of the Coventry Inspiration – Simply the Book Award

Shortlisted for CrimeFest Best Crime Novel for Young Adults 2017

Shortlisted for North East Teen Book Awards

Shortlisted for Kings School Teen Book Award

Shortlisted for the Cheshire Schools Book Award

Shortlisted for the Lancashire Book of the Year Award

Longlisted Southern Schools Book Award

Cell 7 came out with Hot Key Books in September 22nd 2016, and I’m really thrilled to have had some great reviews. Enjoy the trailer –

It’s the first in a trilogy and is set in an alternate present day, where the death penalty hasn’t been abolished, but instead has evolved into a system where guilt is decided by public internet and phone votes over the course of 7 days, as the accused travels down death row – one cell per day until the fateful – cell 7.

9781471405594 (1)

It follows teenage Martha Honeydew who has admitted to shooting the millionaire celebrity, Jackson Paige. But is everything as it seems? And should we blindly follow what the media is telling us about the case?

Her 7 days are followed every day by a live television show – Death is Justice.

Will she be voted innocent or guilty? Is she telling the truth? And what is her relationship with Jackson’s son?

Cell 7 will also be published in Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Covers from different countries –

cel 7 dutch

cell 7 France