Cell 7 Extras!

Hello all,

I know, I know, I’m rubbish at keeping a blog up-to-date. I’ve been busy lately writing some extra Cell 7 material. Can’t share all of it with you just yet, but I thought you might enjoy a sample.

A magazine interview with Jackson Paige

Jackson Paige int

If you’re wondering about the photos, the top one was taken down Freeman Street in Grimsby. It’s an area that’s in desperate need of regeneration.

The second is also in Grimsby. It’s just off the top of Freeman Street, close to the Grimsby Telegraph offices. In the distance are railway tracks.

Before I wrote Cell 7, I spent some time wandering around that area and taking photos.

Front page of the National News

national news oli barkova

The reporter, Nicolas Braden, features in Final 7 (out 11th Jan 2018).

The photo was taken behind some shops near me and I think works well for pretending to be part of The Rises.

Hope you like those – looking forward to sharing some more with you soon.


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