The Nonsense of Trees

Overwhelmed by the imagination of the students in my First Story writing group this week. After talking about nonsense poems – the Jabberwocky, Spike Milligan and Edward Lear – the students came up with their own.

A truly collaborative project, I give you

The Nonsense of Trees

Trees eat penguins for breakfast

Trees fangirl

Trees drop bombs on people and trees eat fish.

Trees watch you while your sleep

Trees hold the darkness

And trees like to kill.

Trees get parking tickets

Trees hate poetry

Trees love to draw and trees use paper towels.

Trees figure skate

Trees go to the toilet

Trees lose their hair and they wear sweatshirts.

Trees’ leaves are spiders in green sap.

But most of all, trees are devils in disguise.


By the First Story writing group at Newland School for Girls, Hull.




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