Cell 7 out and about

For the first blog, I thought I’d share something fun with you. Since Cell 7 came out in September, some people have been taking photos of it ‘out and about’, and it’s been great fun to see what people have come up with! Thanks to everyone who’s joined in with this. I’ve promised the best one a copy of Day 7 when it comes out, so please do feel free to send me yours.

So it all started when a friend messaged me to say it had popped up on TOWIE…


Along with Sarah Crossan’s excellent Apple and Rain just peeking out.

Readers seemed inspired by this, and rose to the challenge to create their own ‘spotted’ pics. The next to arrive on my laptop was this –


Cell 7 trying to lure Bev away from her laptop!

Next up Steve and John of J T Sytems had a copy falling out the door they’d just installed –


Not to be out-done, Laura was even on the case while she was training!


If there’s not sweat dripping on that book, then clearly she’s not working hard enough!

This one did make me laugh. Perhaps someone should remind the ‘masked book-nicker’ about libraries! 😉


Speaking of libraries…Cell 7 was then spotted in somewhere far more sensible by Michelle and Tash. In a small village near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire in this wonderful little library –


Can you spot it peeking out?

And further south, down in Cambridge, Peter saw it in another wonderful library!

I love that.

Then a few days later, I get a wonderful message from Dereham Neatherd High School – what a fabulous idea this is, and how ace to see Cell 7 sitting on the 7 shelf.


Which was quickly followed by another school. This time a teacher, Miss Palmer of Humberston Academy, Grimsby had been spotted reading it while out and about on a trip to Cornwall.


But not content with staying in the UK, it was then spotted at Olympia in Greece –


and being read at the Acropolis…


But after all its adventures, it returned back for a well-earned rest c/o Tracey and Kate!


Thanks to everyone who’s joined in the fun of this. Please do send me yours, and after Christmas I’ll pick my favourite, and will send a signed copy of Day 7 to you when it comes out next June.




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